My name is Cody Goodwill

and I am the owner of

Larry's Septic Tank Service.

It is operated by me, my wife Kimberley, and my brother-in-law Jacob. We are a Christian family based business that is based from our home

in Cedar Creek, Tx.

I am also the pastor of a local 100% volunteer based church "The Church of the Risen Savior" of which my dad founded. 

The decision to restart the business was prompted by several factors, one of which was many people confusing another septic company with "Larry's Septic tank Service" and more importantly confusing the owner (Whose name happens to also be Larry) with Larry Goodwill. To add to the confusion, this same septic company had also gotten a hold of the original "Larry's Septic Tank Service" phone number. REMEMBER, the original phone number will not get you Larry's Septic Tank Service...we are at a new number as listed at the top of this page.

Picture taken by one of our customers, Marc @ WhirlyBird Images, LLC

About Us

With all of that said, our main focus is treating the customer like we would want to be treated, and ensuring that every job is done RIGHT.

The price quoted for an accessible tank is the price you pay per load and includes up to 30 mins of digging/locating. If we cant find or access the tank, a small trip charge to cover labor and diesel will apply. There are no "Hidden fees" with us where extra charges are added for how far away the tank is or how dirty the tank is. Our truck is equipped with approx 150' of hose.

We are sincerely sorry for any bad experiences that anyone has had over the past several years and look forward to serving you in the future.
Thanks and God bless!                                             

Larry's Septic Tank Service



Larry's septic Tank Service was establish by my dad, Larry Goodwill, in 1993. Unfortunately on 7/29/2009 he was killed in a head on collision on Highway 95 near Elgin, and from that point on till 6/11/2014, "Larry's Septic Tank Service" was inactive. I used to ride with him on jobs quite often, but after his passing, restarting the business was just not on my mind. Coping with the void he left in our family, community, and church was on the forefront of my thoughts. However after getting married to the love of my life and having an awesome baby girl (Chloe) in December 2012, it hit me one day that we needed to restart the family business. Shortly after this we had a little baby boy (Colton) in December 2014! Two years later we were blessed with another little baby boy (Conner) in July 2016! We have also since hired my brother in law Jacob and are very excited to have him on board!