We offer aerobic maint contracts in the following counties. 

       - Bastrop - Caldwell - Fayette - Travis - Hays -

Aerobic Maintenance contracts

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Larry's Septic Tank Service

Have you received a letter in the mail from your local county about your aerobic system? Looking for a new maintenance provider? We can help!

We do things different. 

1. We always call or text or email you to let you know what day we will be out or when we are headed your way.

2. If we cant access the property, we do not mark the inspection as if its been completed.

3. We check the pump tank for sludge levels at every visit and log the measurements on the report.

4. We email you the copy of the inspection results. This is the exact information sent to your permitting authority.

5. We will either answer the phone when you call or we will usually call you back that same business day if you leave a message.