Larry's Septic Tank Service

  • The old man is dead2:32
  • hallelujah1:08
  • if my momma could only see me1:20
  • beggin for you2:32


Larry Goodwill


Larry started Larry's Septic Tank Service in 1993 after buying his first truck from a local plumbing company. He started the business on Godly principles with honesty and integrity at its core.

Larry slowly built the business to be the #1 hauler in the Bastrop area. He was the type that never met a stranger, and it wasn't uncommon for him to sing or play the customers guitar after the job was done. He was definitely someone you would never forget and had many people who loved him!


He also got the calling around 2002 to start a church....The Church Of the Risen Savior off FM2336. He lead the Church for 7 years before God took him home. Whether it was at some ones septic tank, in front of the bank or post office, or in church, Larry touched the lives of many people and that's why this page is dedicated to him.

See the below player for some of his singing. This was actually recorded by a customer while he was on the job. This was the first time he had met them!